Bombay - Aurangabad - Ellora/Ajanta - Udaipur - Jodhpur - Bikaner - Mandawa - Jaipur - Agra - Delhi - Varanasi - Darjeeling - Kalkutta - Madras - Mysore - Bangalore - Goa - Bombay
Our aim of this extensive tour faces of the indian continents is to achieve next to the impossible , to let you know and understand a counyrt totally allien to the rest of the world.
Let us show you india's many faces - we take you to the best of her colourful cities enlighten you with the richest of her cultures , show you the most magnificient of her monuments and temples , each unparalleled in yheir beauty and intrically woven to the rich tapestry of her heritage , familiarise you with todays everyday life from the desert to the mighty himalayas to the plains of south india and the fertile deccan - plateau.

1.Day Flight to Bombay DREAMLAND INDIA Details
2.Day Bombay THE THROBBING PULSE Details
3.Day Bombay - Aurangabad - Ellora THE BLACKCAVE TEMPLE Details
5.Day Aurangabad - Udaipur OASIS IN THE DESERT COUNTRY Details
6.Day Udaipur - Ranakpur - Jodpur FOREST OF THE ORNATE COLUMNS Details
7.Day Jodpur WEALTH OF A MAHARAJA Details
8.Day Jodhpur - Bikaner MARUDESH THE DEAD LAND Details
9.Day Bikaner - Mandawa NORTHERN DESERT OUTPOST Details
10.Day Mandawa - Jaipur AN OPEN AIR GALLERY Details
11.Day Jaipur EXUBERANCE OF COLOUR Details
12.Day Jaipur - Fatehpur Sikri - Agra FASCINATING GHOST TOWN Details
13.Day Agra - Delhi ENSHRINED ROMANCE Details
14.Day Delhi - Varanasi MELTING POT OF HISTORY Details
15.Day Varanasi - Kalkutta SUNRISE AT THE GANGES Details
16.Day Kalkutta - Bhagdogra - Darjeeling THE BEST TEA IN THE WORLD Details
17.Day Darjeeling QUEEN OF THE HILLSTATIONS Details
18.Day Darjeeling - Bhagdogra - Calcutta BREATHTAKING VIEWS Details
19.Day Calcutta - Madras "THE CITY OF JOY" Details
20.Day Madras THE HOLLYWOOD OF INDIA Details
21.Day Kanchipuram - Mahabalipuram AN ANCIENT KINGDOM Details
22.Day Madras - Bangalore - Mysore THE GARDEN CITY Details
23.Day Mysore - Bangalore SPLENDOUR OF A FERTILE LAND Details
24.Day Bangalore - Goa DIRECTION BEACH HOLIDAYS Details
25.-27.Day Goa SAND, SURF AND SUN Details
28.Day Goa - Bombay EVERYTHING COMES TO AN END Details